November 30, 2015

About us

USAsia Venture PartnersTM is a seasoned management consultancy that uncovers disruptive and innovative technologies and new business models for our clients and helps implement them. USAsia Venture PartnersTM focuses on a wide range of verticals such as high tech, clean tech, medical and finance. Our consultants are renowned domain experts who deliver services including in-depth primary and secondary market research; due diligence for proposed mergers, acquisitions and partnerships; strategic alliances, marketing and business development; and more. USAsia Venture PartnersTM is committed to helping our clients thrive.


Scott Ellman was a founder and advisor of USAsia Venture PartnersTM. He had expertise in strategic alliances, marketing, and business development, and he applied those skills in two distinct areas: high technology and commercial real estate. Scott held senior positions at high technology pioneers Silicon Graphics (SGI) and VMware where, among other things, he managed some of the companies’ most important alliances such as those with Hitachi, Toshiba, Oracle, NEC, Dell, IBM, and HP. He was also the co-founder and VP of Marketing at the for-profit division of, a world leader in teaching older citizens how to use computers and the Internet. There, Scott was instrumental in every step of the company’s evolution, from co-writing the business plan and raising venture capital from investors that included a major Japanese trading company and the family of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kleiner, to forging strategic partnerships with eBay and IBM. Scott also served as a strategic advisor to several technology companies, including the Keizai Silicon Valley, and he was a member of the Japan-US Innovation in Business and Technology Advisory Council. He received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, the university’s highest academic honor.


Akemi Koda is a passionate woman entrepreneur, Akemi is a start-up advisor & angel Investor , Founder & CEO and Board of Director at USAsia Venture PartnersTM, an innovative strategic consultancy serving clients in the US, Japan and throughout Asia. Akemi is also a member of Stanford Angels and program committee member at Keizai Silicon Valley, a professional networking organization which showcases experts on issues critical to the success of entrepreneurs and companies doing business with Japan. She is a strong advocate to strengthen Japan-US business relations. Her education and career started in her native Japan. She understands market trends and consumer preferences on both sides of the Pacific. Her expertise in product marketing and business development spans over 20 years, making her mark in advancing companies such as NEC, United Airlines, CWT and Varig Airlines-Tokyo.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from SFSU.

Peter Hamady
is the Principal at USAsia Venture PartnersTM. He is an Innovation and Strategic Design Consultant applying principles of design thinking from Stanford University to traditional business consulting. After a brief time at AIG, Mr. Hamady began his consulting career serving startups in New York. As the founder of technology incubator Innova Products, he later received NASA funding and numerous U.S. utility patents for pioneering research in gyroscopic, zero-g exercise. Mr. Hamady is a graduate of Stanford University Master’s Joint Program in Design and Columbia Business School, is a public speaker on design thinking innovation and has a passion for providing clients unique market insights.

Chris Daft, Ph.D. is a senior consultant in the areas of medical imaging, industrial ultrasonics and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). He has worked in R&D and marketing at GE, Yokogawa Electric, Siemens and several start-ups. He holds BA, MA and PhD degrees from Oxford University, UK, and is a Program Committee member at the Keizai Silicon Valley. He is an active Senior Member of IEEE, and is an inventor on 19 issued patents.


Andrew Waterman is Head of AI & Machine Learning Innovation and a Silicon Valley veteran with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, and the FinTech/Payments and Energy industries, and he advises companies on how to harness these technologies to grow their businesses.  Andrew has spent 15 years using machine learning and data science to help companies innovate, including at Google and over a dozen startups including Check (acquired by Intuit), SSB BART (acquired by Level Access) and (a global finance startup he founded).  Andrew has MS & BS degrees from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems. Andrew has lived in Thailand and traveled widely throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


Dr. Danny Ooi is a CMC regulatory professional at Genentech Inc. (a member of Roche Group) serving as a key stakeholder in numerous early-late stage drug development programs and contributing to the development of technical and global/US regulatory strategies. He currently co-authors a book chapter on ICH Quality guidance. He previously worked for TLC Biopharmaceutical in business development/R&D and Burrill & Company, a life-science focused venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Dr. Ooi received a BA from University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

Mr. Johnson is the Managing Partner of Revenue River Partners, which conducts market research and develops commercialization strategies for healthcare companies worldwide. Mr. Johnson joined the healthcare community over 20 years ago after graduating from Stanford University’s mechanical engineering program. Since then, he has served start-up and Fortune 500 companies in research, design, clinical, marketing, and sales leadership roles. Along the way, he earned his MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School and his Professional Engineer license. With hard work, good judgment, and a little luck, Mr. Johnson has celebrated 2 IPO’s and 3 acquisitions, while earning several patents and commercializing dozens of new products worldwide.


Joseph Gilby is a former executive from the games industry for both core and casual genres. He currently serves as Director for the International Game Developers Association / Silicon Valley and as a member on the Keiretsu Forum Software Committee. Joseph is an advisor for Vipani, a methodology incubated at Stanford that has demonstrated the ability to transform subsistence agriculture through building trust networks. He hold a BSME, Engineering from Cornell University.


Tony Seba is the author of the book Solar Trillions Create Wealth, Grow the Economy, Save the World. He is a lecturer at Stanford University in entrepreneurship, high tech strategy and finance. He is a founding executive of a Silicon Valley solar startup company and the author of Winners Take All – 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy. Mr. Seba is a strategy consultant, business architect, and internationally known public speaker who also teaches at leading institutions around the world such as The Auckland University (New Zealand) Business School and in-company at some of the world’s top high tech companies such as Google, Inc. Mr. Seba was the award-winning founder and CEO of, where he raised more than $30 million in venture capital and established it as the leader in its market segment. Prior to PrintNation, Mr. Seba worked in business development and strategic planning at Cisco Systems and RSA Data Security. He is also on several boards of advisors and directors. Mr. Seba holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Kevin Binkley, Ph.D. is CTO and co-founder of FunSockets, Inc. Kevin is an accomplished software developer with over 25 years of experience at companies including, Adaptec, Adobe, and Microsoft. He co-founded Electric Gravity, staying on with Microsoft following the acquisition and helping launch MSN Gaming Zone. Kevin holds a Ph.D. from Keio University, an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Applied Math from the University of California, Berkeley.


Brett Ellman, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Physics at Kent State University. He holds Ph.D. from University of Chicago.


Martine Lussier is Adjunct Professor of Economics at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.